Mohammed Yahya — 4/12/2022

The system helps you track the connections leading to the sale by keeping all your documents in an organized and searchable way.



A customer, sometimes known as a customer or buyer, is a person who receives goods, services, products, or ideas from the seller. And add a contact for each customer.



Quotation is the estimated cost of the products/services you sell to your future/current customer.


Sales Order:

After quotation, confirm an order from the customer which is a sales order.


Sales Invoice:

It is an invoice that you send to your customers and the customer pays for, and the invoice applies all the requirements of the Zakat Authority.


Blanket Order:

It is an order from a customer to supply materials for specific items within a period of time at pre-negotiated prices.



An item is a product or service offered by your company.


Item Price:

The price of an item is the record by which you can record the buy and sell price of an item.


Price List:

Price lists are used in scenarios where you have different prices for different regions (based on shipping costs), for different currencies, etc. The item can have multiple prices based on customer, currency, region, and cost Shipping.


Item Group:

Depending on the type of product, you can categorize an item within its field. If the product is a service or raw material.



In this part of the Unit, the reports of the Unit are concerned, the most important of which are: 

– Sales Analytics

– Sales Order Analysis

– Sales Funnel

– Sales Order Trends

– Quotation Trends

– Customer Acquisition and Loyalty