Cloud system
Integrated for your operations

We designed PAS to ease all business
compatiable with Saudi Arabia Zakat&VAT

Enterprise resource management platform

In the ERP system, you can control and supervise your work in an easy way, you can link all business departments with dedicated units that save you time and effort.

Customer Management

Customer Management

Registration, follow-up and control of customer management

Warehouses Management

Warehouses Management

Entry and exit of goods, registration and follow-up

Sales and Billing

Sales and Billing

Create quotations and send them to clients

Human Resource

Human Resource

Managing, monitoring and executing employees



Create daily, monthly and yearly reports



Create purchase requisitions and quotations.



Managing daily financial operations


Because you can choose the services that suit you without limits, and at the best available price.

Adapts to your needs

Cloud based

Suitable for all companies


Ask us anytime...

I have more questions

Please provide us with the most appropriate method for you, so that our representative can contact you immediately.

I would like more information

Please provide us with the most appropriate method for you, so that our representative can contact you immediately.

Can I send invoices by email?

Yes, you can do it with ease.

Will staff be trained on the system?

Yes, we will train employees from all departments on their respective system, and help them use the system to the point of mastery.

Where is my information stored, and how do I view it?

All your data will be stored on your own account in the cloud, and it is very secure and protected to keep you and your business private. You can view them anytime, anywhere, via any device, and you can make reports as requested.

How much is the storage space?

2GB for retail plan and service plan and 10GB for full plan

What if I need help or technical support?

Our technical support team is available to serve you throughout the day, and you can contact us by:

WhatsApp: +966 55 225 2646
Twitter: @pas__ksa
Instagram: @pas__ksa

How do I pay the subscription amount?

You can register on the site and pay directly, or through a bank transfer to your PAS bank account, or you can choose to send the representative to receive the payment.

How do I download the system?

We will tailor the system for you, send a link to your email and provide training on the system.

What is the way to register in PAS?

You can visit our website and enter your data with ease, then we will prepare all the requirements for you, where you will choose a distinctive name for your account, adding the company name, commercial registration number, tax number, mobile number and email, and you will receive your username and password on your email. And if you need help, technical support will be happy to help you at any time throughout the day.

How much is the subscription price and its mechanism?

There are 3 packages that you can subscribe to one of them annually, and to choose between them according to the size of your work and activity, the packages are:
- Project package (1000) riyals per month - Enterprise package (1500) riyals per month

- Corporate package (2000) riyals per month
You can also choose the right number of users and the number of points of sale depending on the size of your business.

What is PAS ERP?

It is an integrated system that runs on the cloud, on local servers, or both. It was developed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and designed with the latest advanced technologies, and it automates the processes and procedures within the facility. It also facilitates the process of managing operations in accounting, sales, purchases, inventory, human resource management, and others to accelerate its performance through a series of features and options. It is a system that is compatible with all laws and legislations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arab.