Human resource (HR)

Mohammed Yahya — 4/12/2022

This units covers all the process related to human resource in the company. It retains all employees data-base, including contact information, salary details, attendance , performance evaluation , vacations, and evaluation records.



Add employees in the company including all employee information (name, experiences , qualifications )

Employment Type:

You can hire people under multiple fields each one had its salary, and vacation entitlements.


Specialized Job field or section inside system


Branch office is outlet for company in different location, unlike head office.


The given job title for employees.


This section helps you to understand how you can manage your leave schedule in proficient way for your company. Also, it explains how employees able to request a leave.

Controlled in number and types of leaves which employee able to request it through customized leave.

You can create leave customization for leave time based on the leave policy related to company, also you can customize additional vacation for your employees and create a report for vacation track which is taken by employees.

Employees able to create leave requests, and their manager can accept it or not.

Employee able to choose his leaves according its number, types such as ; sick leave ,Occasional leave and privilege leave etc..


It’s a record shows whether the employee attend in specific day or not, it can be connected to print devices to be represented in the system and upload it form CSV file.

– Employee Attendance Tool

This feature let you determine attendance of numerous employees in specific date.

– Attendance

By using attendance, employees can send an attendance request for their undertime attendance days for different reasons such as: working on the site or working from home.


It is foundational for companies to create and manage jobs vacancy and people who applied for it, also create and manage hiring plans, create job opportunity and post it according to that, which make is easier to your hiring process, understand how to configure it, and vilification of hiring plan.


Loan request is a document consist of related information for loan applicant, loan type, payment method, loan amount and interest rate.


In this part of the unit, it related to unit private report, the most important of them is:

-Monthly attendance report

– Recruitment Analytics

– Employee Analytics

– Employee Leave Balance

– Employee Leave Balance Summary

– Employee Advance Summary

– Payroll:

Prepare payroll process is substantial task for Human Resource in the company. System simplify tis process from managing salary’s structure to processing payroll for all employees and determine salaries’ components , additional salaries, rewards.