Mohammed Yahya — 4/12/2022

The project unit in the organization helps to track the company’s projects, tasks, project administrators and tasks and ensure their timely completion.



Creating and monitoring projects and distributing project tasks.



Part of the project is determined for a particular employee.


Project Type:

It is the classification of projects into different types to compile similar types of projects.



It is a record of monitoring and knowing how many hours an employee spent when completing each task.


Activity Type:

It is a list of different types of activities on the basis of which a schedule can be made.


Activity Cost

The cost of the activity records the billing rate per hour and the cost rate for the employee against a particular type of activity.



In this part of the unit, it concerns the reports of the unit, the most important of which are: 

– Daily Timesheet Summary

– Employee Hours Utilization

– Project Profitability