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Mohammed Yahya — 22/08/2023

The business sector has created the concept of “Enterprise Resource Planning” and its abbreviation “ERP”, meaning “ERP”, a system involving several units that control and manage the facility from one point that can be accessed from anywhere But in this article we highlight the unit of human resources, The Human Resources Section of any enterprise is the fixed basis And as a pillar of the performance of the work, he cares about employees’ issues and their administrative affairs and their follow-up in attendance and departure, raising their loyalty, and many other tasks. It is also the supervisor, supervisor and evaluator of each employee’s performance, and the reference in any question about any information, but how is this all managed in the digital age that the world has reached today? 

Experience a statistical experience within any facility where the largest amount of paper is measured.. You will find that the Human Resources Section is at the top of the pyramid, from letters, contracts and a file for each staff member containing his or her information, Makes it difficult to access and slow to search for easy information And the business sector has focused on this problem and they have made several solutions to it for, inter alia, addressing past problems that result in easy access and quick access to information, In addition to preserving the environment by reducing paper, while governments, especially in Saudi Arabia, have shifted to digital services for the same reasons, ERP systems have been established which have facilitated the human resources management process and have even devised radical solutions to manage the functioning of staff within the enterprise and archive their own files and data But what distinguishes bass as one of these systems? 

First of all, the BASS system has been fully developed and designed within Saudi Arabia, which means that it is fully aware of all the government systems required in the system. social insurance data, contract writing and clauses, visa and passport information for non-Saudis, The registration of assets on employees, in addition to linking it to the fingerprint system and automatically following up on employees and linking it directly with the accounting unit to be calculated directly in the issuance of salaries; What distinguishes Bass from other ERP systems is the ability to manage the workflow of the enterprise in a smart and sequential manner between sections and The Head of Department assigns a task to a staff member and writes all its details and calculates the time taken for each assignment or even for more than one staff member who can by typing the same task comment and attach photos and files and the staff member can even raise leave or request advances through the system and even in approval, there is an approvals ladder before arriving for final approval, The importance of the Human Resources Unit lies in linking it to all sections, arranging application approvals and drawing up a clear mechanism for tasks and follow-up It collects all employees’ data in one place accessible from any device. 

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