Mohammed Yahya — 4/12/2022

The system has a set of transactions that make your purchase as efficient and smooth as possible.


Material Request:

It is a simple document that specifies the requirements for a set of items (products or services), either for the purchase, transportation, or manufacture.


Purchase Order:

It is an order in which you ask the moor to purchase a set of items according to certain conditions.


Purchase Invoice:

It is an invoice that you receive from your suppliers and need to pay it.


Request for Quotation:

It is a document that an organization sends to one or more suppliers requesting a quotation of items.



Suppliers are companies or individuals who offer you products or services, and you can also add ways of communicating with them, and can be grouped into groups depending on what they offer.



In this part of the Unit, the reports of the Unit are concerned, the most important of which are: 

– Purchase Analytics

– Purchase Order Analysis

– Supplier-Wise Sales Analytics

– Items to Order and Receive

– Purchase Order Trends

– Procurement Tracker

– Items To Be Requested

– Item-wise Purchase History